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How to Care for Skin With Natural Home Treatments | Smooth Beauty Skin

Your skin is a mirror of your body’s overall health. Taking care of your skin keeps you looking young and beautiful, and should be a part of your daily beauty ritual. Over-the-counter skin care treatments are often expensive and full of chemicals and artificial perfumes. If you want naturally beautiful skin, natural home treatments are […]

How to Make Skin Care Products At Home | Smooth Beauty Skin

Many women are interested in making their own skin care products from natural ingredients. This is because there’s a rising interest in organics. Here’s how you join the trend and make natural skin care products at home. Create an almond milk natural cleanser for oily skin. Combine 2 tsp. almond meal with 5 fl. oz. […]

How to Get My Maltese Dog’s Face Clean | Smooth Beauty Skin

Maltese dogs are known for white, fluffy fur. However, with white fur comes facial staining. Many Maltese owners have issues with tear stains and food stains on their dogs’ faces. Not doing anything about your dog’s face stains only makes them worse and harder to fix. Clean your dog’s face properly and make a few […]

How to Properly Clean Your Face | Smooth Beauty Skin

Many men assume that only women need to be concerned about facial care; however, maintaining a clean and clear face is important for men too. Healthy skin portrays youth and confidence, which are important characteristics in the workplace and relationships. Follow these steps to maintain a clean and clear face. Select the right cleanser for […]

How to Use Lemon for Natural Skin Care and Beauty Treatment | Smooth Beauty Skin

You probably use lemons as flavoring in your food and drinks all the time, but if you’re like most people, you’ve never thought about using them as a natural skin care and beauty treatment. Lemons won’t fix your skin overnight, but they can help treat certain problems and may even help prevent serious skin conditions. […]

How to Even African American Skin Tone Naturally | Smooth Beauty Skin

Taking care of the skin is of great concern to most people. Making sure African American skin has an even skin tone and looks its best can be done naturally without spending a lot of money on expensive skincare products. One of the most important things to remember is that what you put inside of […]

How To Moisturize Skin Naturally | Smooth Beauty Skin

The skin needs moisture to repair and renew itself. While the skin produces it own oil through the sebaceous glands, sometimes extra moisture is needed. Oily skin produces too much oil, while dry skin does not produce enough. It is dry skin that is most prone to wrinkles, lines and the visible signs of aging. […]

Natural Skin Care Options & Recipes | Smooth Beauty Skin

It seems that (especially for women) switching from regular skin care products to natural skin care versions is one of the toughest natural living steps to take. It’s hard to break free of the age defying, wrinkle reversing, acne preventing claims of conventional products and switch to a natural option, even though the natural options […]

How to Wash Your Face With Milk | Smooth Beauty Skin

Although drinking milk bolsters bones and teeth with calcium, magnesium and protein, helps regulate blood pressure and reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease, the creamy beverage also packs plenty of skin-friendly benefits. Calcium-rich milk lends homemade face washes a soothing, normalizing effect, and its vitamin E content helps smooth the skin. Milk, coupled with a […]