Hair extensions as a form of expression. | Smooth Beauty Skin

Hair extensions are in every sense of the phrase a fashion statement these days. Hair extensions have come a long way from when they first came about in the 80s and 90s through the usage from Victoria Beckham that sparked off their popularity. Back then they were just a mild fashion statement, but now they are considered to be one of the heights of fashion and something that a lot of girls will always consider as an option for themselves. Rather than being a functional piece they are now considered to be stylistic especially with so many human hair extensions around now that can actually be styled, and so it is up to you to get the most out of your own hair extensions.

The reason why I feel that these hair extensions can be used as a form of expression is because of the fact that the reason that you initially get hair extensions in the first place is to give yourself a new look and show yourself off drastically. Whilst some people get hair extension to give themselves fuller hair because it is too short or too thin it is still supposed to act as a fashion statement, as naturally it is still an alteration in appearance to change everybody’s perception of you. Therefore, if you are in search of a new way to change your appearance and show who you think you truly are then I would definitely think about the concept of hair extensions as they truly are wonderful fashion statements.

You can express this particular aspect of fashion in several different ways, all of which obviously have the end goal of making yourself look more youthful, beautiful or just in order to make you stand out from to crowd. A lot of people like to show individualism by changing their hair colour purely because it is more noticeable and gives other people the perception that you are just generally a more outgoing person. However, you also need to remember that this can be seen as a ruse to make people believe this assumption but most people see things at face value and just generally appreciate the use of colour as a form of expression.

The way this works in extensions is that they can be coloured, but the biggest change that it will offer to those around you is simply a sudden change in appearance and hair length. A person getting their hair cut into a new style is usually noticeable but not the biggest deal in the world, and not exactly the greatest way of making a statement. However, you also have to remember that growing your hair overnight, making it longer or thicker and giving it a new hairdo is going to be a much bigger deal and throw people off tremendously. This is why it worked so well for Victoria Beckham in the past and is also the reason that it should work just fine for you aswell. As much as other changes in hairstyle are appreciated and noticed unexpected changes are by far the best and most potent form of expression.

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