How to Get Smooth Facial Skin | Smooth Beauty Skin

Smooth skin can be attainable no matter what an individual’s skin type may be. With the proper nutrition and facial cleansing techniques, acne and chronic dry skin can be erased. Exercising regularly and creating a stress-free environment can also reduce chronic skin ailments and reduce acne. Eat a healthier diet high in alkaline-forming foods and stay away from harsh soaps containing fragrances that can strip the face of its healthy glow. Follow the proper cleansing steps to ensure that facial skin stays smooth and healthy.

  1. Clean the face at least twice a day to remove dirt, bacteria, cosmetics, and oils that can cause acne. Talk to a dermatologist in order to choose the right facial cleanser for your specific skin type. Avoid body soaps on the face because they contain properties that can strip the natural oils the face needs to stay smooth and hydrated.
  2. Rinse the face with tepid water to remove dirt and oil. Never use hot water as it can strip away too much oil, leaving the face susceptible to dryness and irritation.
  3. Use a clean, soft facial washcloth and add an appropriate amount of facial cleanser to the towel. Rub around the face gently in a circular motion, starting from the forehead and ending at the nape of the neck. Using the hands will work just as effectively as a face towel; make sure that hands and fingernails are clean.
  4. Rinse again in tepid water, making sure to remove all traces of the facial cleanser residue. Gently blot off excess water with a bath towel; do not scrub the skin with the towel.
  5. Follow up the cleansing process by applying a quality moisturizer, according to skin type, with a water-based toner. Seek out moisturizers that contain grapeseed oil and other natural ingredients. Grapeseed oil can work to trap moisture in the skin, creating a smoother face while reducing dryness and irritation.
  6. Use a humidifier to trap moisture into the skin. Keep the humidifier clean to prevent bacteria and fungi buildup.
  7. For smoother skin, eat a diet high in alkaline-forming foods, which include fruits, fresh vegetables, and nuts high in omega-3 fatty acids. Because alkaline-forming foods are digested quicker, they can eliminate toxins that accumulate in your body, which may lead to acne or chronic skin conditions.