How to Market New Skin Care Products Projects | Smooth Beauty Skin

From anti-aging lotion to organic lip gloss, and from blemish concealer to eye cream, the skin care market includes many products, all claiming to be the best for your skin. If you’re considering launching new skin care products, make sure your marketing is top-notch to draw attention in a crowded market.

  1. Give away free samples at various events and fairs. Everyone loves a free gift and if people like your product sample, they’ll be more likely to buy it in the future. Make sure your sample comes with information on how to buy the product online or in person.
  2. Do make-overs with your skin care line, showing how your lotion or blush or cream can make its users look younger, more radiant and acquire a more even skin tone. Demonstrations give people the chance to try the products on for size and can also attract attention.
  3. Promote any local, organic or otherwise unique angle to draw more attention. Promote your local roots with a beautiful label that lauds your local origins and also touts any organic ingredients. Various local outlets, such as beauty colleges or small gift stores, are also good venues to connect with. Contact your local newspaper with your story. A published article will offer some free publicity.
  4. Use social networking to offer simple and effective marketing outreach online. From Facebook to Twitter, you can promote your special line of skin care products through updates and coupons. Social networking is free and easy to use and reaches younger generations especially. Likewise, make sure your website is top-notch and includes excellent visuals as well as product information and easy ordering instructions.