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A common myth states that a woman’s skin will be the same as her mother’s skin. Although heredity does play a part in one’s genetic make up, all people have free choice. That is to say, if a woman’s mother had dry skin that wrinkled early in life, it does not mean that her daughter will have the same fate. Skin wrinkles are caused by environmental pollutions, smoking, not using a moisturizer, stress and physical habits such as squinting one’s eyes all the time or furrowing one’s brows. In this way, mother’s are right about being careful of making faces. One’s face very well can stay like that. The good news is that wrinkles can be prevented by wearing sunglasses, using a wide spectrum sunscreen, reducing stress/tension, using a daily moisturizer and staying hydrated.

2. Wrinkle Creams Reduce Wrinkles

Unless a wrinkle cream contains retinoids, the cream will not erase wrinkles. Most wrinkle creams are great moisturizers. However, these creams are just moisturizers and nothing else. Moisturizers cause one’s skin to look plump and soft. However, wrinkles will still peak through. Retinoids exfoliate skin and will reduce wrinkles when used regularly. Since a very thin layer of skin is literally peeled off when using retinoids, one must always follow up with a wide spectrum sunscreen of SPF 30 or higher.

3. Sunscreen Is Not Necessary on Cloudy Days

Anyone who has spent a cloudy day at the beach without using sunscreen can tell you this is not true. The clouds are only thin barriers to the rays of sunshine. However, the sun is still shining every single day. Whether or not there are clouds, sunscreen must be worn everyday to protect from sun damage.

4. You Get What You Pay For

It is a little known fact that the same cosmetic manufacturers that blanket high end department stores with pricey products carry those same products in drugstores. The only difference is the label and the price of the products.

For instance, Lancome Cosmetics owns L’oreal Paris. Lancome does not spend money on the development of two completely different product lines. The company, along with many other cosmetic and skin care lines, will use the same formulas, the same labs and the same ingredients for their department store brands as in their drugstore brands.

5. Squeezing Pimples Will Heal Acne

There are skin care professionals on both sides of the fence about this myth. For those professionals that advise against squeezing pimples, their claim is that infection will spread and usually people pop pimples using their hands or nails which are full of germs. For those professionals that claim it is okay to pop, let it be known that they only advise using an extractor when doing so. An extractor is about the size of tweezers and can be bought at a drugstore.

6. Sun is Good for Acne

Although a little sun can give skin a nice glow and may even clear up a few pimples, major acne will only be aggravated by prolonged sun exposure. For one thing, the drying effect that sun has on skin will only cause the sebaceous glands to be overstimulated to produce more oil. Overstimulated sebaceous glands are the cause of acne, so it is not advised to provoke these sensitive glands anymore with too much sun exposure.

7. Washing One’s Face Several Times Each Day Will Heal Acne

Keeping one’s face clean does not equal washing one’s face several times a day. In fact, it is a good idea to use wash one’s face only at night. In other words, one should use soap and medication only at night. In the morning, one should simply splash water on facial skin and follow up with sunscreen. Washing too often produces the same problems as prolonged sun exposure. When the skin’s natural oils are dried up by the sun or constantly washed off, the sebaceous glands will produce even more oil which will clog pores.

8. Eating Chocolate Will Cause Breakouts

Foods do not contribute to the prevention of, healing of nor the cause of acne and breakouts. Stress, hormones and pollution causes breakouts. In fact, chocolate has been a proven stress reducer, so eat up. Of course, it is not healthy to overindulge in greasy and fatty foods. However, there is no reason to cut out these special treats in an attempt to heal acne.

9. Blackheads Are Really Areas of Trapped Dirt

Blackheads are not the result of trapped dirt. The black coloring is not a sign of dirt either. Black heads are actually open areas of the epidermal that are filled with skin debris, not dirt. Black heads are usually the first stages of acne.

10. All Natural Products are Good for Skin

Shelves are beaming with skin care products that purport to be all natural or made of mostly natural ingredients. First of all, any product that claims to be ‘all natural’ is simply lying. There must be some sort of artificial preservatives to keep the ingredients healthy. Secondly, just because a skin care product is natural does not mean it will never cause an allergic breakout on irritated skin.

For instance, lime juice is great for gently exfoliating skin. However, a large segment of the population are allergic to lime juice when it is used topically. These people may never know of their allergy because the lime juice is fine for their consumption.

There are literally dozens of natural ingredients that are popular in skin care products. Some examples of these ingredients are carrots, avocados, oatmeal, cucumbers. It is best to do a patch test area before using these ingredients on one’s entire face.