How to Treat Oily Skin Naturally | Smooth Beauty Skin

Keeping a complexion smooth and having a youthful appearance is difficult with the best of skin types but with oily skin it is even more difficult. You can wash it, cleanse it, watch after your skin all the time and still get nowhere. Try to treat the oily nature in a natural way to keep it looking youthful and beautiful.

  1. Keep your skin clean. Limit washing your skin to two to three times a day but try to keep it free from dirt and grime. These can cause pores to clog and gives acne a foothold. Use hot water as it dissolves the oil better than warm or cold water. Also use a highly mineralized water, not tap water. Choose a soap that is lightly medicated or has antibacterial cleansing lotion in it. Don’t rub the soap into the skin hard as it can help clog the skin pores.
  2. Use a toner on the skin to close those pores. The heat of a summer day and hot water used in washing your skin only serve to open the pores wider allowing more oil to flow out. Close the pores with the toner and for an even better cool feeling store it in the ice box.
  3. Apply an oil-free moisturizer after thorough washing and cleansing. This will help the skin tighten and look younger.
  4. Avoid most acne creams and lotions. They have a drying effect on the skin and causes more oil to be excreted. Use a deep cleaning exfoliant once a week to deep clean the skin if scaliness becomes a problem.